Movie Rehab

Movie Rehab: Black Snake Moan

Season 3 comes to a close with SaG reviewing a movie that he considers to be an underrated masterpiece: Black Snake Moan. However: Is this episode really just about the movie alone or will there be something else going on after the review is done?

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Movie Rehab: Snow White and the Huntsman

This movie is one of the closest Grimm Adaptations that manages to keep some of the darker tones from the original Snow White story. It also features some great action scenes, stunning visuals and some seriously underrated acting performances from Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart. The year has come to an end so I chose to end it on a bang.

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Movie Rehab: Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000 is an underrated movie with lots of clever moments, unique ideas, a great tongue-in-cheek feel and hot vampire brides. This is my very first Halloween themed video and hopefully it won’t be the last.^^

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Movie Rehab: Superman III (+ Bloopers)

Season 3 begins with SaG taking a look at the least discussed Superman movie ever: Superman III. What does he think of this movie? Is Superman III any good or is it already cursed by the word “Three”? Bloopers:

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